The Foul Players
A bespoke murder mystery and corporate role-play company taking crime themed scenarios from page to performance.

The Foul Players

Like most companies in our sector 'The Foul Players' have had a very quiet and sparse 2020. But as things start to open up, we can assure all our loyal customers that we are still here, and are raring to go!

We are available for almost anything! Socially distanced Murder Mysteries, online events, and we are actively planning our first Podcast series. Our fictional village 'Falloby' was open for business online earlier in the year, and was a great success. Now events in the 'Murder Capital of Norfolk' are due to get even more deadly and hilarious in 'Falloby: A Fete Worse Than Death' which should be available to listen to, interact with and download in the first quarter of 2021.

We are grateful to all our regular customers and venues for sticking with us during these uncertain times, and hopefully we will be back with live events very soon. Watch this space and our Facebook page (@foulplayers) for details of our current and upcoming mysteries.

We can provide murder mysteries in any venue at any time, be it an evening event over dinner or a full weekend immersive event (or even longer).

If you would like further details, or are interested in booking, or attending, an event, or just want a chat about Murder Mysteries in general, please either contact us via the 'Contact' page, via Facebook, or email me on for further details.