The Foul Players

Welcome to Falloby, our fictional remote Norfolk village, and, of course being Norfolk you don't pronounce the middle syllable, so the village is known as F'oby, and all the residents are distinctly odd.

hand drawn map

Falloby was introduced to the world in a series of interactive online Murder Mysteries, during the first lockdown in 2020, as a way to keep our actors busy, and provide some entertainment for our loyal customers.

Each mystery lasted several days, and by utilising a 'chatroom' the sleuths were able to quiz the suspects and the Police, Inspector Grey and his assistant PC Percy Pyre, during the course of the investigations.

In all there were seven mysteries, between March and June 2020, which introduced over thirty strange eccentric characters, and we are intending to bring them back, (well the ones that haven't been murdered anyway) in the Spring of 2021 in our first Falloby Podcast ... 'A Fete Worse Than Death'. Plans are in hand to produce a monthly Podcast, with an interactive element so that between episodes the listeners can interview suspects, talk to witnesses and gain access to other exclusive evidence. More details will appear here when available, and also on our Facebook page. Again if you would like further information please contact me on burtie@thefoulplayers.co.uk.

Just as a small taster, here are some of the characters you could meet in Falloby:

Honoria ORANGE

Hopefully some of you will already know Honoria. We couldn't have a remote village in Norfolk populated by the eccentric, the deranged, and the decidedly odd without installing our very own amateur sleuth. She lives in 'Rose Cottage' in Brean Road in the centre of the village, and is the centre of everything.


'Stinky' is a retired Conservative MP and seems to be suffering from premature dementia (although he is more with it that he gives on, he just hates most people) ... he is very odd and usually babbles about nothing in particular. He spends most of his time out 'walking his whippets' (not a euphemism) and the only people who get any sense out of him are his cleaner, and his confidante Honoria. He lives at The Grange.

'Windy' BOTHAM

'Windy', so called because he is a miller (nothing to do with his surname of course) lives at the windmill (Falloby Mill) and is also the local baker. He is a very outspoken and brash individual, usually drunk and in trouble.

Cherry PITTS

Cherry owns and runs the Flower shop in the High Street, 'The Enchanted Florist', and is dreadfully in love with 'Stinky' ... she has followed his career avidly and persuaded her husband Harry to move to the village so she could be near him. She is a typical stalker and has a shrine to her love in the spare bedroom at the village's second pub, 'The Stocks and Gibbett', where she lived with her landlord husband until he 'went travelling'.