murder mysteries

Murder Mysteries

Murder Mysteries are our stock in trade and Burtie has currently written in excess of 80 different storylines, including Halloween and Christmas mysteries, James Bond and Sherlock Holmes themed events and many TV and film based shows.

We are always willing to write new bespoke mysteries for your event, but can, of course resurrect and adapt old favourites if that is your wish.

Some of the most popular have been:

the addams family

It is Gomez and Morticia's wedding anniversary, and Uncle Fester has booked them a celebration meal. Unfortunately there has been a mix up and the table hasn't been booked.

They complain but nothing can be done, even though they try throughout the evening to engage with the diners, just to be sociable, of course.

Once they have introduced themselves properly, a Police Officer arrives to inform them that a headless corpse has been discovered in their Conservatory ...

which is witch

The 'Falloby Forseer Fellowship'. At the Full Moon Drum Call last week their spiritual leader and current 'High Priest' met an unexpected and messy end. Before the ceremony, in the kitchen of the Church Hall where they met, he was found naked apart from a pair of rubber gloves, lying surrounded by candles with a pentagram containing the letter 'H' daubed on his chest in blood and his head caved in with a crystal ball.

He was almost universally hated, and his demise will no doubt prompt an election in which most of tonight’s participants will figure prominently ...

murder under the mistletoe

It is the day before the anniversary of Lord Mee's death and guests have gathered for the wedding of the new Lord and his glamourous American actress wife. He has had to get married within the calendar year to satisfy a codicil in his father's will. The will stipulated that his heir must be married within the year in order to inherit the estate. If this condition was not met the money and property would be passed in equal parts to the deceased Lord's widow, and his brother.

This is his fourth attempt to get married this year ... the other three fiancées have fallen by the wayside ... will he finally get hitched this time?

and then there were six

The hotel has overbooked Santas!

After an 'incident' last year, the usual Santa has not been re-employed. The Assistant Manager held interviews and offered the job to a new actor, but, unfortunately, he was found dead last week, so a new replacement has been sought. After several failures the Assistant Manager has decided to do the job himself, but unknown to him, other staff members have also found replacements with the result that tonight we have six Santas!

Then one is murdered ...

it's murder darling

Eddy and Patsy are on their way to the annual media industry PRIC (Public Relations Internal Communications) awards. Eddy has been nominated (as usual) for the 'Communicator Of the Year' award, which she has never won.

Unfortunately the arrangements were made by Bubble, who has brought them to the wrong hotel, in the wrong town, in the wrong country.

When Eddy's ex husband turns up with his new wife things go rapidly downhill ...

too many cooks

The Major has asked Basil and Sybil to organise a 'Celebration Supper' at the Hotel to mark the fiftieth anniversary of his and his wife Kay's marriage. As she knows the Major is very fond of 'The Rat Pack' Sybil has told them that she has persuaded an old boyfriend, Willie Maykitt, who owns a hotel in Scotland and is also a professional 'crooner', to attend to sing a few songs, and, as their hotel also has a new chef, Doug McCardin, everything seems set.

However the singer hasn't turned up, Basil has learnt that a Health Inspector is due to visit and the new chef, who has started drinking, has taken rather a shine to Manuel ...