murder mystery parties

Murder Mystery Parties (Hen or otherwise!!)

The Foul Players are delighted to be able to offer a brand new product. Our critically acclaimed company is now happy to announce that we can now provide competitively priced murder mysteries tailored specifically to smaller private functions and hen parties.

These are all, fully interactive, two actor events, which can, if required, be all female. Hosted by either the hapless Detective Inspector Arthur Foot, or the hopeless Detective Sergeant Isadora Bull, our experienced professional actors will lead the guests through the twists and turns of a very twisty and turny mystery, before finally unmasking the dastardly murderer.

There are four hilarious scenarios to choose from, each with it's own cast of outrageous characters played by you and your guests. There will be plenty of scope for dressing up and being generally silly, and each plot can be personalised and tailored with in-jokes, and personal touches for you and your guests.

Each guest will be provided with an invitation letter detailing their character, suggestions for costumes and what she or he knows prior to the event. Then, on the night, the actors will co-ordinate the proceedings, and guide you all through the plot as it unravels in front of you.

You will get the chance to quiz your fellow guests, and the actors before the murderer is finally unmasked at the end of the evening.

Available Plots

the st rinians day massacre


It's St. Rinian's day and the celebrations are underway. A special dinner, cooked, as always, by some of the sixth form girls, some of whom have just returned from a 'choir' trip to Amsterdam, is due to be served to the whole school.

But this year there are rumblings afoot. Girls have been dying mysteriously ... nothing normally unusual for St. Rinians, where the death rate amongst the younger girls is traditionally high ... but this time there seems to be more to it. Recently they have been dropping like flies!

The police, as always, seem perplexed.

The scene is set in the sixth form refectory where the celebratory meal will be served to the chefs and chief suspects in this mystery.

The girls, who are, as is customary at the school, daughters of gangsters, crooks, shady bookmakers and other low-lifes, are gathered in one room while the carnage goes on around them.

But who is responsible? And why?

The local police are determined to get to the bottom of it, before the lower third is completely decimated.

And then ... the staff start to die!

all you need is murder


The swinging sixties are in mid-swing but Beatlemania is under threat from the rustic rock sweeping the country courtesy of East Anglian band 'The Piglets'.

However just at the height of their popularity ... disaster ... the drummer is found very naked and very dead in one of the opulent bathrooms at the sprawling pile where the band is recording their latest record.

The death is the culmination of a two week party that has been the recording sessions for the Piglet's third album, a rambling epic known by the working name of 'Double Pink'. All the guests, staff, hangers-on and local ne'er-do-wells are still here and the grisly murder must be solved quickly to avert a media disaster.

What is the truth behind the Brandon’s death?

There’s only one way to find out!

All those invited to this murder mystery are given a character in the plot. Although only one of them is the actual murderer, nearly everyone is a prime suspect. As guests arrive, they are greeted by the Record Company producer, Bennie Factor. They get the chance to view the exhibits, investigate the murder, and do whatever wheeling and underhand dealing is required to achieve their character’s other main objective!

Murder isn’t the only crime guests are likely to encounter. Blackmail, drug dealing, theft, fraud, extortion, not to mention diverse unnatural acts ... the list is endless.

Come to the Manor to find out ... MURDER IS ALL YOU NEED

the game is afoot


The event is set in November 1925, and at the hall there has been a shooting party this morning during which Russell, the Lord of the manor’s younger brother, has been shot and killed.

He was discovered by his valet, in the bushes with his trousers down, shot in the head at close range. A number of notes were found on the body which will be revealed this evening.

Guests, family and staff, who were present at the shoot, are suspects, and have been gathered together in the dining room to be questioned by the police.

murder at hill house


It is April 1950, and the guests have stumbled onto the mystery of the disappearance of Dr. Maurice Black.

Dr. Black had been holding a house party for his staff, business associates and friends, and the host went missing early yesterday evening. All the characters should be larger than life and the emphasis should be on making the event as light hearted and fun as possible.

As an old friend of Dr. Black, Insp Lloyd Grey has been called to the house by his friend only to discover he has disappeared.

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