csi events

Corporate CSI events were Burtie’s stock in trade for many years after his retirement from the Metropolitan Police and he has created four new events to challenge and entertain on corporate (or private) team building days. Please contact him on burtie@thefoulplayers.co.uk or use the Contact Page for up-to-date details.



The daughter of a multinational company has been kidnapped and it is your job to secure her release and bring to justice those responsible. Designed by an Ex-Scotland Yard Murder Squad Detective, you will need to devise the most appropriate plan to recover the victim.

You will develop 'special skills' through analysing various surveillance techniques and harbouring your hostage negotiation skills. Will you rescue the victim before it's too late?



Created by an Ex-Scotland Yard Murder Squad Detective you will be dealing with events following a high value diamond robbery. You will be presented with clues which will lead to the stash, but you are working against time. You must recover the diamonds before the criminals are able to. You will travel round cities collecting clues, meeting secret police informants and deciphering clues.



Delegates are thrust into a murder investigation where they must sort the evidence and interview the suspects and witnesses. Who is lying and who is telling the truth? Which evidence is relevant and what are the red herrings?

All the decisions are yours. Working in teams you will be faced with the aftermath of a grisly and baffling murder. You will be faced with the players who were present at the scene, but are they suspects or witnesses?



There is a serial killer at large. To date there have been five linked murders over the past eighteen months and it is the team's job to make sure there are no more. A suspect was arrested after murder number five, but there is insufficient evidence to keep him in custody, and the enquiry seems to be back where it started.

The killer is taunting the Police and has provided the team with the date and time of the next killing so by thorough investigation, clue solving and surveillance it is the team's job to prevent murder number six.

The clock is ticking and teams will have to identify the killer and the victim and make instant decisions which could be fatal.