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The Foul Players
Murder Mysteries:

Taking into account Burtie Welland's background as a Scotland Yard murder squad detective and an experienced writer, The Foul Players can provide a bespoke mystery to suit all occasions.

As a trained Criminal Intelligence and Crime Pattern Analyst he understands the processes and motives involved and is able to make his mysteries believable ...and fun! As an experienced professional writer and actor he fully understands that comedy as well as drama plays a massive role in this type of event.

Actors at The Foul Players The Foul Players only use professional actors. We believe that an actor needs the professional tools to be able to act and react appropriately in a murder mystery. Many companies use the services of local amateur companies to provide the actors which necessarily means that the action must be more fully scripted and rigid. That is not to decry the talent of amateur actors (Burtie and Sheila were both involved in amateur theatre for many years), but using professional people gives them the opportunity to adapt and react 'on the hoof' depending on what happens on the evening.

The Foul Players also aim to only ever use their murder mysteries once. They are all unique and tailored to the particular event. Most companies have a stock of available mysteries which they recycle at different venues. With The Foul Players you can be sure when booking that the mystery has never been seen anywhere else .

Infamy at The Foul Players You will be getting a unique event, with a professional cast written by an ex Scotland Yard Detective. They can provide a traditional murder mystery over a dinner or can even arrange a whole weekend where the enquiry runs from the Friday night through to Sunday lunchtime. The choice is yours.

The Foul Players
Acting Services:

The Foul Players also have access to a large number of professional actors who have experience in all aspects of acting. They have provided actors on many occasions for bespoke corporate team building events and have multi-talented actors who can provide entertainments of most kinds and are, in the main, all experienced role-players. Should you need actors to assist with company training either live or on film The Foul Players have the resources to assist.

The Foul Players

Taken at The Foul Players We hope to be back performing live Murder Mysteries in the New Year, and there are a number of other projects in the pipeline including live CSI events, and the 'Falloby Podcast'. Please contact me on burtie@thefoulplayers.co.uk, or visit our Facebook page for up to date details.