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The Foul Players
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With the present COVID-19 situation things have been necessarily very quiet for the Foul Players. However we have lots of things planned once things can return to normal ... or the 'new normal'.

All our murder mysteries can be performed socially distanced and the actors have the required PPE, but hopefully once things relax the events that were cancelled in 2020 may be resurrected for 2021, and we can go on to bigger and better things.

The lockdowns have had one positive benefit for us in that it made us diversify and we presented a number of 'on-line' murder mysteries set in the fictional Norfolk village of Falloby. We are looking to expand this and in the spring are intending to unveil the Falloby podcast ... 'A Fete Worse Than Death' starring a number of the stranger residents of the village. Details will be on our Facebook page as soon as it is all confirmed.

We are also designing a number of live CSI events and also considering a number of 'off the shelf' dinner party murder mysteries which can be purchased and enjoyed by customers in their own homes (details will be added here, and on our Facebook Page in due course)

Apart from that we look forward to meeting you at our events, and as said before if you would like further details of any of our events (or proposed events) please fill in the online contact form or email me at burtie@thefoulplayers.co.uk